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NYC: Street Food a la Cart

On the corner of East 161st Street and Sheridan Avenue, Abdur-Rahman’s “Heavenly Delights” cart has been providing customers a lunchtime of expected uncertainty for nearly 15 years. They are lured to the “Jamaican fusion” cart for homemade offerings that are unusual for street vendors. Without ever knowing what will be on her menu, the hungry line up each weekday to eat.

By Graham Kates
Published: January 28, 2010

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A Journey into Uganda’s Deadly Malaria Zone

A Journey into Uganda’s Deadly Malaria Zone

The rest of Uganda is generally perceived as stable, democratic, a loyal friend of the U.S. The north is a landmine, with no effective government and a million people displaced by two decades of civil war. It is also the deadliest malaria zone in the world.

By Rebecca Harshbarger
Published: May 27, 2009

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Here's What's Baking in Hell's Kitchen

For 85 years, the Poseidon Bakery has been a fixture on Ninth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. The Greek pastry shop is a must-visit — and must-taste — for longtime local customers and curious food tourists. Watching the family owners in action is part of the treat.

By Marcella Veneziale
Published: April 21, 2009

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A Hazy Haven (Hack, Hack) of Legal Smoking

Six years after Mayor Bloomberg’s statewide anti-smoking law took effect, the patrons of Hudson Bar and Books puff away in a perpetual haze of toxic smoke. It’s one of a handful of “cigar bars” grandfathered into an exemption in the anti-smoking law.

By Lois DeSocio
Published: April 20, 2009

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The Roller Godfather of Central Park

Lezley Ziering laced up his hand-dyed purple skates, and glided into the circle of inline skaters dancing in Central Park. Ziering hopped, bopped, rolled and spun to the beat. His earrings flashed, his bling rattled and his braid flew. Ziering is 75 years old.

By Linnea Covington
Published: March 25, 2009